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We are Lauren and Rain, two academic researchers and Rory Gallagher devotees, based in Cardiff (UK) and Sydney (Australia).

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What is the purpose of this blog?
To date, the Rory Gallagher story has been overwhelmingly focused on his success in the 1970s, unfairly portraying the period after Jinx (1982) as one of decline and, in doing so, ignoring the many fantastic and exciting musical projects, performances and collaborations that Rory continued to pursue.

We were tired of this quite frankly wrong narrative that has been peddled for years, as well as the many insensitive or inaccurate comments that we often encountered about Rory during this period of his life. So, in November 2021, we decided to do something about it by setting up the Rewriting Rory blog, which draws attention to these overlooked last ten years of Rory's career (1985-1995).

With our monthly blog posts, we aim to 'rewrite' Rory's narrative by shining a positive light on his later performances and music and dispelling myths surrounding his life. Through new research and interviews, we seek to ensure that Rory's story is rewritten into the deserved one, the definitive one, recognising, for the first time, his later-day achievements and demonstrating all that he continued to accomplish, despite his personal struggles. 

We hope you enjoy our posts 💗

To find out more about how this blog came about, read Lauren's story.

About Rory
Rory Gallagher (1948-1995) was an Irish blues/rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. Throughout the twentieth century, Rory pioneered the blues across the globe, performing over two thousand concerts, most notably in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Known for his dedicated and hard-working attitude, Rory actively shunned the trappings of the decadent rockstar, and maintained an authentic, no sell-out image.

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  1. This is wonderful the record needs to be put straight, I have always been drawn to his later years as you know 78 onwards ,Rory was still a fabulous guitartist well past the 70s ,He just brings me joy and he will always be Beautiful to us .
    Congrats once again my friends xxxxx

    1. Hello Karen! We're so happy that you have taken an interest in our blog, and we're looking forward to posting more about this man so warm and dear to us. Thank you for the support! Much love, Rain & Lauren x

  2. Hello Lauren and Rain. Thank you for this blog. Showing Rory as an artist that did not get the proper support he needed in his time. He kept going despite everything. An artist / public figure would hopefully receive much more support in today's world. Thank you on shedding light on this. Warm regards from Toronto. A Rory fan forever. 🌷🌷

    1. Hi Anna, you are absolutely right in saying that more attention needs to be cast on this time in Rory's career, and so we hope you will enjoy the posts we have lined up for this blog. Thank you so much for the support, and wishing you a lovely weekend. Love, Rain & Lauren xx


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