Here is a quick access guide to the blog posts featured on our Rewriting Rory website:

November 2021              
We set out the reasons for starting this blog and its fundamental aims.

December 2021               
We shine a spotlight on our favourite sideman, Mark Feltham, and tell his important part in the Rory story.

January 2022    
We talk about the special acoustic gig that Rory did at CIT in 1993 for his uncle Jimmy, as well as the special bond between the two men.

February 2022  
We discuss Rory’s relationship with his Strat and how the instrument was always there for him throughout his life.

March 2022       
A bumper birthday post focused on all Rory’s achievements in the post-82 period.

April 2022          

A two-part special on Rory's session work between 1985 and 1995.

May 2022            

A two-part special featuring an exclusive interview with Dave Fanning and his memories of Rory.

June 2022
A special anniversary post focused on our favourite Rory TV performances and interviews in the last decade of his life.

July 2022 and August 2022
We provide detailed accounts, for the first time, of Rory's 1994 appearances at the Pistoia Blues Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival. 

We continue our exploration of some of Rory's best 1994 concerts, with a focus on the Festival interceltique de Lorient in Brittany and the SDR3 Festival in Stuttgart.

August 2022
We celebrate the 30th anniversary of Rory's performance at the Temple Bar Blues Festival with a detailed account of his performance and masterclass delivered three days earlier at the Guinness Hop Store.

September 2022

In this 3-part special, we explore Rory’s final international tour in 1991. Part 1 covers Rory’s adventures in Japan. 

October 2022
We continue our exploration of Rory's final international tour in 1991, with a focus on Australia.

November 2022
Our third and final instalment in the series looks at Rory's US leg of his 1991 international tour.

December 2022

We update our March post with a summary of Rory achievements and accolades throughout 2022, as well as new 1985-1995 accomplishments that we've dug up from the archives.

March 2023
We asked fans to submit their favourite Rory moments from 1985 to 1995. We added up the votes and made a Top 20 to celebrate all that Rory still achieved in the final decade of his life.

June 2023
To mark the 28th anniversary of Rory's passing, we've put together a list of our favourite tribute songs to Rory, along with some background information on how they came about.

A special post to mark the release of this momentous 1990 live album by Rory. We give our review of the album, along with an eyewitness fan account from the T&C Club and exclusive photos by Bob Hewitt

Rory and his National for Guitarist magazine, 1987
Photograph by Tim Goodyer