Bootlegs and Radio/TV Interviews and Performances (1985-1995)

Here, you will find links to a selection of bootleg Rory concerts from the 1985 to 1995 period, along with radio and TV interviews and performances. We hope you enjoy them!


Rory at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 1985
Photographer unknown 

22-01-1985 Interview on Hungarian radio

22-01-1985 Sportcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

22-01-1985 Sportcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary (video footage)

26-02-1985 Whistle Test, London, England (video footage)

16-05-1985 The Stone, San Francisco, USA

17-05-1985 The Stone, Palo Alto, USA

22-05-1985 Grand Central, Albuquerque, USA

26-05-1985 Cardis Club, Houston, USA (video footage)

01-06-1985 Midwest Ballroom, Cedar Lake, USA

04-06-1985 Nags Head, Toronto, Canada

10-06-1985 Lone Star Cafe, New York, USA

12-06-1985 Lupo's Heartbreak, Provenance, USA

13-06-1985 Paradise Theatre, Boston, USA

18-06-1985 Saba Club, Boston, USA

19-06-1985 Saba Club, Boston, USA

21-06-1985 Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, USA

22-06-1985 Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, USA

24-06-1985 Lone Star Cafe, New York, USA

28-06-1985 Sundance Club, Bayshore, USA

29-06-1985 Mean Mr Mustard's, Reading, USA

05-07-1985 Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland

11-08-1985 Mont de Marsan Festival, France

17-08-1985 Jubeck Open Air Festival, Germany

19-08-1985 Gross Freihart, Hamburg, Germany


Rory at Self Aid, 1986
Photographer unknown

April 1986 Interview on BBC radio Part 1

April 1986 Interview on BBC radio Part 2

02-05-1986 Le Casino, Paris, France

17-05-1986 Self Aid Festival, Dublin, Ireland (video footage)

19-05-1986 Bruchhausen Vilsen Open Air Festival, Germany

23-05-1986 Clermont-Ferrand, France

28-05-1986 La Halle aux Grains, Toulouse, France

04-07-1986 The Best of Rockpalast interview with Frankie Miller (video footage)

05-07-1986 Dinkelsbuhl, Out in the Green, Germany (video footage)

06-07-1986 St Goarshausen Out in the Green, Germany

06-07-1986 Rockpop, Out in the Green, Germany (video footage)

09-07-1986 Palau Blaugrana, Barcelona, Spain

10-07-1986 Sala Canciller, Madrid, Spain

26-08-1986 Queens Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

27-08-1986 Queens Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland


Rory at the Cork Opera House, 1987
Photograph by Mark Hollis 

02-05-1987 Vienna City Festival, Austria (video footage)

27-06-1987 Gottingen Festival, Germany

01-10-1987 City Hall, Newcastle, England

04-10-1987 Pavilion, Glasgow, England

04-10-1987 Interview on Glasgow radio, Part 1

04-10-1987 Interview on Glasgow radio, Part 2

12-10-1987 Rock City, Nottingham, England

13-10-1987 Irish Centre, Leeds, England

14-10-1987 City Hall, Sheffield, England

18-10-1987 Hummingbird, Birmingham, England

04-11-1987 Cork Opera House, Ireland (video footage)

09-11-1987 WWF Club appearance, Germany (video footage)

12-11-1987 De Hanehof, Geleen, Holland

13-10-1987 Tele Illustrierte, Germany (video footage)

15-11-1987 Musikzircus, Hamburg, Germany

16-11-1987 Metropol, Berlin, Germany

18-11-1987 Roxy, Germany (video footage)

19-11-1987 Sporthalle, Dusseldorf, Germany

19-11-1987 Behind-the-scenes at Dusseldorf (video footage)

21-11-1987 Schwarzwaldhalle, Karlsruhe, Germany

23-11-1987 Capitol, Hannover, Germany

24-11-1987 Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany

27-11-1987 Harmonie, Heilbronn, Germany

30-11-1987 Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany

01-12-1987 Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany

03-12-1987 Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany

07-12-1987 Rosengarten-Musensaal, Mannheim, Germany

09-12-1987 Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

10-12-1987 Sporthalle Volklingen, Saarbrucken, Germany


Rory at Dublin's Olympia Theatre, 1988
Photographer unknown 

06-02-1988 Interview on Dave Fanning Show

06-02-1988 RTÉ appearance, Dublin, Ireland (video footage)

12-02-1988 The Late Late Show, Dublin, Ireland (video footage)

17-02-1988 Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

19-02-1988 Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

22-02-1988 Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland

01-03-1988 Borderline, Dublin, Ireland (video footage)

01-03-1988 Borderline promo (video footage)

11-09-1988 Freilichtbuhne Open Air Festival, Germany

17-09-1988 Town and Country Club, London, England

18-11-1988 Dominion Theatre, London, England

19-11-1988 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England

22-11-1988 Pavilion, Glasgow, Scotland

28-11-1988 Lees Cliff Hall, Folkestone, England

29-11-1988 Rock City, Nottingham, England

01-12-1988 Assembly Hall, Worthing, England

02-12-1988 City Hall, St Albans, England

December 1988 Interview on London radio


Rory at Ballyronan, 1989
Photographer unknown

02-06-1989 Jubeck Open Air Festival, Germany

29-07-1989 Rock on the Lough, Ballyronan, Northern Ireland

29-07-1989 Rock on the Lough, Ballyronan, Northern Ireland (video footage)

05-08-1989 Mildenhall Rock and Blues Festival, England

12-08-1989 Skanderborg Open Air Festival, Denmark

02-09-1989 Tegelen Blues Festival, Holland


Rory Gallagher, Ohne Filter, 1990
Photographer unknown

30-03-1990 Ohne Filter, Germany (video footage)

30-03-1990 Interview on Ohne Filter, Germany (video footage)

21-05-1990 Rocksteady appearance, London, England (video footage)

May 1990 Interview on London radio

19-12-1990 Rock City, Nottingham, England

21-12-1990 Coatham Bowl, Redcar, England

28-12-1990 Town and Country Club, London, England


Rory at The Stone, San Francisco, 1991
Photographer unknown

19-02-1991 Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan

20-02-1991 Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan

20-02-1991 Interview for Young Guitar Magazine, Japan

24-02-1991 Chokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan

28-02-1991 Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

01-03-1991 Interview on Steve Vizard show, Sydney, Australia (video footage)

07-03-1991 Pepper's Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, USA

07-03-1991 Pepper's Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, USA (video footage)

11-03-1991, Chuys, Tempe, USA

15-03-1991 Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, USA

16-03-1991 The Stone, San Francisco, USA

17-03-1991 Cabaret Club, San Jose, USA

20-03-1991 Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis, USA

21-03-1991 Short interview/promo for US radio

24-03-1991 Empire, Cleveland, USA 

26-03-1991 El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada

26-03-1991 Interview for Toronto radio

28-03-1991 Club Bene, Sayerville, USA

29-03-1991 Paradise Theatre, Boston, USA

30-03-1991 Marquee Club, New York, USA

30-03-1991 Marquee Club, New York, USA (video footage)

March 1991 Jas Obrecht interview, USA

April 1991, Interview for Canadian radio (from London)


Rory at the Lark by the Lee, 1992
Photographer unknown

12-08-1992 Guinness Hopstore Masterclass, Dublin, Ireland

15-08-1992 Temple Bar Blues Festival, Dublin, Ireland

29-10-1992 Town and Country Club, London - although we own a copy of this gig, we have made the decision not to share it publicly out of respect for Rory

30-10-1992 Town and Country Club, Leeds

01-12-1992 Volkshaus, Zurich, Germany

03-12-1992 Rockhaus, Vienna, Austria (video footage)

05-12-1992 Stadthalle, Kehl, Germany

08-12-1992 Stadthalle, Babenhausen, Germany

10-12-1992 Aladin, Bremen, Germany

13-12-1992 Bonn Blues Festival, Switzerland

13-12-1992 Bonn Blues Festival, Switzerland (video footage)

15-12-1992 Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland

16-12-1992 Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland

18-12-1992 Bataclan, Paris, France


Rory at the Zelt-Musik-Festival in Freiburg, Germany Photograph by Peter Alexander Küchler

03-09-1993 Interview on Dutch radio

04-09-1993 Tegelen Festival, Holland (video footage)

15-09-1993 Manchester Free Hall, England (video footage)


Rory on stage in Germany, 1994
Photographer unknown

02-07-1994 Pistoia Blues Festival, Italy

02-07-1994 Pistoia Blues Festival, Italy (video footage)

09-08-1994 Interceltique Festival de Lorient, France

09-08-1994 Interceltique Festival de Lorient, France (video footage)

21-08-1994 SDR Festival, Stuttgart, Germany (video footage)

16-10-1994 L'Olympia, Paris, France (video footage)

October 1994 Rock 'n' the North appearance (video footage)

13-12-1994 Espace Medoquine, Bordeaux, France

18-12-1994 Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France (video footage)

December 1994  Acoustic set on French radio


Rory on stage in Amsterdam, 1995
Photographer unknown

06-01-1995 De Vrijoh, Enschede, Holland

08-01-1995 Harmonie, Leeuwarden, Holland