Since setting up Rewriting Rory in November 2021, we have been deeply moved by the positive feedback we have received from Rory fans, as well as those close to him. The many connections we have made and conversations we have had over the past eight months have been so inspiring, and reiterate over and over again just what a special, kind soul Rory was. It is our absolute pleasure to do our small bit to keep his legacy alive.

As a gift to all our followers, we are excited to present this Exclusives section to our website, which will be updated regularly with new or previously unpublished interviews with friends of Rory or musicians who have worked with him. We hope you enjoy it!

Rory, c. 1988
Photographer unknown

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Friends of Rory Series

Interview with Bob Hewitt, Welsh photojournalist and friend of Rory (general memories)

Interview with Bob Hewitt, Welsh photojournalist and friend of Rory (Rhyl 1992)

Interview with Shu Tomioka, Japanese photojournalist and friend of Rory 

Interview with Roberto Manes, Italian musician and friend of Rory

Interview with Dan Ar Braz, Breton musician and friend of Rory

Photographers Series:

Interview with Micha Thieme, German photographer

Interview with Bertrand Alary, French photographer

Interview with Wolfgang Gürster, German photographer

Interview with Philipp J. Bösel, German photographer

Interview with Joseph Carlucci, Italo-Swiss photographer

Interview with Ferenc Kálmándy, Hungarian photographer

Interview with Richard Bellia, French photographer

Interview with Jean-Pierre Sabouret, French photographer

Musicians Series

Interview with Brian Palm, renowned harmonica player and artist

Previously Unpublished Content:

Previously Unpublished 1991 Interview with Rory by Jas Obrecht 

Previously Unpublished Photos of Rory at Cork Opera House, 1987

Previously Unpublished 1975 Interview for 2JJ